Other Products

Other Products


Miscellaneous Ironer Products Available

♦ Belt binding glue
♦ E-Z-Trac spray
♦ Grip tape
♦ Multi-Purpose grease
♦ Sling closures
♦ Sling cord (1000’ spool)
♦ T-pins
♦ Teflon tape
♦ Wondress glue (apron cement)
♦ Anti-static spray
♦ Guide tape arms
♦ Wooden spools for guide tape

Clipper and Alligator Products Ironer Supplies Lubbert Supply
Clipper and Alligator Products

Clipper and alligator products

♦ In stock and available upon request






We also supply:

♦ Conveyor belts
–  soil, clean, incline, tunnel

♦ Press pads and covers
–  Nomex®, polyester, metal base pads

♦ Casters
♦ Poly carts
♦ Doffer rolls and covers
♦ Ironer bushings
♦ Bearing plates for apron drive roll
♦ Knurlized guide rolls
♦ Ironer spring press (all sizes available upon request)
♦ Spring saver
♦ Drive roll covers

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