New Products

New Products

Lubbert Supply knows what you need.

We are excited to be able to bring you these new products to make your laundry process easier. They are all made right here at Lubbert Supply.

We recently introduced several new flatwork ironer cleaning clothes that will help you…

The Falcon is a heavy duty wax & clean cloth that comes in 72″, 110″ 120″ and 130″widths.  It is cost effective and has a durable cotton flap.  For daily use on your ironer.

The Falcon with silicone is great because it combines the regular wax and clean cloth with an impervious silicone flap which keeps the wax on the ironer chest and off your rolls.

The Roll Shark will help deep clean one chest at a time.  A full width metal mesh cleaning cloth with a Velcro® strap allows you to clean under an ironer roll in hard to reach places.  Many sizes in stock or call for a custom Shark that will fit your ironer roll.